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Update: The Insatiable Urge to Sleep with Strangers and a Year’s Worth of Change

Thank you for bearing with me through such a lengthy hiatus. This is a largely incoherent attempt at catching up with you before resuming regular blogging. Enjoy! 1. Sleeping with strangers inspired me to travel Since joining CouchSurfing on May 4, 2009, I have had an insatiable urge to sleep with strangers. Well, I started off […]

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A New Year, and What Children Bear

The first weekend of 2014 is upon us and I have already broken a few promises I made to myself; but I am not disheartened. I am learning to see every single day, nay, moment, as an opportunity to travel the course I’ve charted and I am never, ever, giving up on this journey. You […]

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On Uruguay, Reparations, Travel and Hand-Washing

I am in Uruguay. You can smoke ganja here if you want, but I don’t want. Montevideo, Uruguay has been my home for the past three months. Where is that? It’s in South America, east of Argentina, almost at the southeastern edge of the continent1. I am a little ashamed that I have not yet […]

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Trench Town Golden Age Home Needs your Help

I am very proud of my friend and fellow traveler Marianna who has taken up the cause of Jamaica’s elderly and homeless. She is trying to raise funds to help with improving the living conditions of 7-10 elderly, homeless people who take refuge at the Trench Town Golden Age Home.  Marianna visited the home last […]

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Jamaica Blog Day 2013: Police & Security Force Abuses

Two years ago I hosted a friend from New Zealand in my rural Jamaican hometown1. We were at a bar at around 6pm when five police officers casually approached the counter; they were dressed in dark blue outfits and each carried two guns: one machine gun in hand (likely an M-16 or M-5)and a handgun […]

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Jamaican Grief Porn and John-Crow Journalism

While I am absolutely against censorship, I am growing tired of the john-crow journalism that dominates the news every single night. The overly intrusive death knocks must end, especially when they form no real part of the report and the highly emotional mourners are just abused for the effect they will have on viewers. 14-year-old […]

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International Coastal Cleanup Day

Today I participated in the 27th annual International Coastal Cleanup at Welcome Beach where Salt River in Clarendon meets the Caribbean Sea. I was proud to see the remarkable turnout of volunteers from Clarendon’s schools, social clubs and corporate entities1. It was a very useful exercise because apart from cleansing the coast of assorted debris, we […]

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Double Standards and Lawlessness in Jamaica

Like, I was in the line, we were waiting to run and the guy was telling me to line up straight. I was like, ‘Really? We’re about to run and they are going to make me stand in a straight line?’ There are just some weird rules here,’ said the man from Jamaica, where freedom […]

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Of Songs and Savings

Of Songs… Last Friday when I first listened to the official song of #Jamaica50, I was completely disappointed with the production, more so with the mega fanfare surrounding an [in my opinion] incoherent and incongruous tune that I decided was not worthy of being used for such an important occasion in the history of my […]

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The Strangest Things About Jamaica

My island home is turning 50 this year. Well, everybody knows better than to believe so, as Xaymaca1 has been around longer than all of us, but we became independent of British rule on the 6th of August in 1962. Many Jamaicans are proud of this fact but some believe things would have been better, […]

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