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Volumizing Vagina in an era of of Pubic Baldness

I’ve said it before, that Jamaicans are quite a sex-obsessed lot. I noticed the following lyrics on my twitter timeline, during a heated discussion on Saturday evening about the appropriateness of ‘pum pum’ for airplay; it turns out that it wasn’t ‘pum pum1’¬†, after all,¬†that was said in the cooked2 version of the song, but […]

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Flying Solo (and sitting at the table for one)

Last Friday, one of my co-workers asked what I was up to for the evening. I casually told her that I was going out for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants. She became quite excited and started to guess who this ‘gentleman’ taking me out was; I stared in disbelief while listening to her […]

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Thoughts on Love

On, there are 28 different definitions for ‘love’; many of which are too abstract to even be recognized as a definition. I do not doubt that if I were to ask 100 random persons, I’d end up with 28 or more to add to that list. I do not claim to understand love and […]

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Happy Birthday, Fats Domino

The Rock and Roll of the 1940s and 50s is exactly the same music they played in my childhood church on Sundays. I am wont to say Sunday mornings but that hand-clapping, feet-stomping, devil-chasing [lol] quasi-pentecostal church of my mother would last all day and much of the night. In my current state of reprobance, […]

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Don’t Take Our Sunday!

The opening sentence of today’s lead story in The Gleaner read, “The Cabinet is to discuss the issue of Sunday racing within a matter of weeks.” The church is, apparently, trying to get the new People’s National Party (PNP) administration to review the allowance of Caymanas Track Limited (CTL) to host meets on the day […]

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Merry Xmas, everybody! Today on twitter, a surprising number of persons spoke out against the use of Xmas as a short form of Christmas. They were wondering why ‘X’. Some felt it was morally wrong because the ‘X’ indicates that Christ(supposedly the true meaning of the ‘season’) was being crossed out. Wouldn’t the ‘X’, then, […]

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Bus Crusade

A significant number of the journeys I’ve taken on Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses have been blessed with the lectures of one of several preachers. While I believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own beliefs and should freely express them; I think these ‘messengers’ have chosen a rather invasive method. I […]

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Judgement-Induced Introspection

The end of the world draweth nigh and thy beloved Karee hath decided to look within herself, figuratively, to see if there be any reason why the Lord mayest deny her entry into the Kingdom that cometh tomorrow. The very first reason I have found is the mere fact that I do not want to […]

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The Bun Industry

If you have lived in Jamaica or have been associated with Jamaicans, it is very likely that you have heard our urban proverb that “only two thing sure in a life – bun and death”1. While I am perhaps not the ideal person to offer commentary on ‘love relationships’; I do not agree that a […]

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The Defrocking of Saint Buju

Buju Banton was found guilty today of three cocaine conspiracy charges! Not surprisingly, the fervour with which my fellow Jamaicans follow this event has severely dwindled between the first trial five months ago and this retrial. It would have perhaps been even more ignored had Buju Banton (officially Mark Myrie) not won the Grammy award […]

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