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Don’t be Caught Dead in a Jamaican Public Hospital : A Rant

I read a few days ago of Mr. Jason Forbes who died on the floor of the waiting area at the Spanish Town Hospital in Jamaica. The next day I read the response of the president of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association. I was saddened to read of the man’s death but the caustic response […]

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Do you know what your meat is?

Article contributed by A.L (@AOneGong). The opinions expressed herein may not be those of Karee, the author of Negril Stories. I love a beautifully orchestrated entrée of beef or chicken, so willingly have I accepted my calling as an omnivore; I salivate at the thought of sushi and I gladly entertain the occasional indulgence in […]

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Duck Season. Rabbit Season. Flu Season.

I foresaw myself coming down with the flu two weeks before I actually exhibited the first symptom [discomfort in throat] last Friday. Now, I am very much aware that I am not psychic and not every misfortune that I imagine will befall me; however I believe that some of these thoughts were indeed warnings to […]

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Stress in my Left Breast – Really!

A common expression used in Jamaica on occasions of hearing labrish1 is “What a stress inna mi lef’ breas!”2. From discussion with consultant etymologists,3 it has been concluded that the phrase originated in the mid to late 90s, increasing in popularity after being used in a local play/comedy show. Up to a few days ago, when I first […]

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