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RIP Dobie Gray (200 days later)

Two-hundred days ago, while I was busy turning 23 and carefully evaluating my existence, a man I regard as one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time was becoming a casualty of cancer. It somehow managed to escape my attention, and I am just finding out today after enduring the awkward silence and inexplicable embarrassment […]

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Volumizing Vagina in an era of of Pubic Baldness

I’ve said it before, that Jamaicans are quite a sex-obsessed lot. I noticed the following lyrics on my twitter timeline, during a heated discussion on Saturday evening about the appropriateness of ‘pum pum’ for airplay; it turns out that it wasn’t ‘pum pum1’¬†, after all,¬†that was said in the cooked2 version of the song, but […]

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Happy Birthday, Fats Domino

The Rock and Roll of the 1940s and 50s is exactly the same music they played in my childhood church on Sundays. I am wont to say Sunday mornings but that hand-clapping, feet-stomping, devil-chasing [lol] quasi-pentecostal church of my mother would last all day and much of the night. In my current state of reprobance, […]

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