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2012 Journeys

Now that 2012 has properly digested, I feel like writing about it, or the most memorable aspects of it which happen to be my travels. In all, I took five solo trips and enjoyed every single minute of each of the 49 days I spent on the road. So here’s a rundown of my journeys, […]

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Jamaican Grief Porn and John-Crow Journalism

While I am absolutely against censorship, I am growing tired of the john-crow journalism that dominates the news every single night. The overly intrusive death knocks must end, especially when they form no real part of the report and the highly emotional mourners are just abused for the effect they will have on viewers. 14-year-old […]

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One Love: Jamaican Blogger Tag

Happy New Year y’all! 2012 was a lot of things, it was full of amazing events and I had the opportunity of enjoying precious moments with some of the planet’s most beautiful people.  I can assuredly say that it was a very good year that I never want to relive. “A Blogger Tag is a […]

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Sometimes Coffee, Sometimes Tea

The 11-month-old Jamaican government has spent $60m on luxury1 SUVs. “When you drive a government car you are given a gas allowance, but when persons drive their personal cars they are not given a gas card,” was a remark from Minister of Information, Sandrea Falconer on the matter. It can be concluded that the tax […]

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Konshens: Good Boy Gone Bad?

Commentary submitted by a contributor who desires anonymity. The opinions expressed herein may not be those of Karee, the author of Negril Stories. Garfield Spence got the perfect start to a music career in 2005 when he recorded his first song with his older brother Delus titled ‘Pon di Corner’. Shockingly, this track went to […]

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Mothering and The Bane of Four Vaginas

Happy Belated Mother’s Day. It is a beautiful thing that there is a day just to appreciate motherhood – being a mother by biological or other means. I greatly respect the impact numerous matriarchs have made on my life, whether they have led by good or questionable example. Since Dr. Sandra Knight’s tale was published […]

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Montego Bay

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Extra Virgin

On Monday, I woke up to over 900 new emails that indicated listings have been added to my online directory. I was filled with wonder at this strange happening, as in the average week I get no more than 4 new entries. Needless to say, this was an onslaught of SPAM and all but one […]

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Johnny Dankworth (and Dame Cleo Laine, Lady Dankworth) – Let’s Slip Away

Happy New Year! While frantically searching for the lyrics of this song, I was proud to discover that one of my favourite vocalists, Dame Dankworth, is of Jamaican descent! I didn’t find the complete lyrics anywhere online so I’ve decided to listen and share what I hear with you who may also be searching, frantically! […]

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50,000 Words in 30 Days, 29.

I started off 2011 with high hopes that at the end of the year I would have taken 365 photos – one for each day – as a documentation of my life and to combat boredom. At the beginning of the year, I was unemployed and I shot and shared every day but one [due […]

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