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… and I love you, Jamaica.

Dear Jamaica, Sorry to say so on a day of such grand jubilation, but I think our main developmental challenge lies within the fact that we are too independent (or believe we are) of each other. It grieves me that we do not all seem willing to understand or accept our fellow countrymen’s differences of […]

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Great Expectations

Recently, I have had reason to examine the procedures governing the adoption of children in Jamaica. While doing so, I discovered that the laws were biased in favour of single women and married couples. I found it disconcerting that single men were not allowed to adopt female Jamaican children unless in exceptional situations. On an […]

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365: The 2011 Edition (One Day at a Time)

It certainly feels wonderful to have made it to 2011. New Years were never significant to me until 1999 when I was only 11 and it was widely thought that the world as we know it was going to come to an end at the dawn of the new millennium.  Nothing happened. I have lived 11 more […]

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More Hope – a Power Saw, Children and a Motorcycle

It has become a trend, that wherever I wield my camera, I collide with dreadlocked men who think I have the power to help them fulfill their hopes. A week ago, I met a man who was searching for love, and on Saturday I met another who was searching for a power saw. I often […]

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So Browning, you Just a go Walk Past me so?

Jamaican men are infamous for their pickup lines; in fact, many women who have emigrated say that being hailed by men on the street is among the things they miss most about their island home. No woman is exempt from this kind of attention. Even though I don’t recall having been interested in any man […]

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“Just a Friend” – An Unjust Phrase

The other day I ran into a schoolmate at the grocery store. I was chatting with a gentleman before she came along and halfway through the conversation she asked whether this man was ‘him’ [supposedly meaning my boyfriend]. I responded in the negative so she proceeded, “So he’s just a friend then?” In that moment […]

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I can change, but don’t expect me to.

One of my dearest friends quite favours the phrase “change is the only constant in life”, and I have come to embrace that reality. I no longer live in an illusion of stability or the idea thereof which I once had. Instead I approach each day expecting micro (and mega) revolutions from within myself and […]

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