Duck Season. Rabbit Season. Flu Season.

I foresaw myself coming down with the flu two weeks before I actually exhibited the first symptom [discomfort in throat] last Friday. Now, I am very much aware that I am not psychic and not every misfortune that I imagine will befall me; however I believe that some of these thoughts were indeed warnings to make preparations for, or safeguard myself against the worst possibilities.

Instead of rallying my multivitamin supplements and a healthy diet to build me a fort, I ate all the dairy and sugar in sight, and washed it down with carbonated beverages and irish cream. End result: I am stuck with an irritatingly runny nose, and have to be downing huge pills and a dreadful tasting liquid every single day; not to mention the huge chunks of garlic I am now forced to swallow. Let’s see if I’ll learn my lesson.

Here are a few tips on flu prevention and recovery.

Flu Prevention Tips

1. Wash hands regularly with soap and [need I say clean] water. Keeping your body and your surroundings clean and germ-free is the best way to prevent infection.
2. Avoid rubbing your eyes and nose; don’t put your hand in your mouth unnecessarily.
3.  Avoid close contact with sick people [not easy for me as I spend several hours in a public bus each day]. If you’re sick, please be considerate and let your contact with others be minimal.
4.  Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, and try to sneeze into your arm, as opposed to your palm/fist.

20110914 032740 Duck Season. Rabbit Season. Flu Season.

Lysol is a good disinfectant for surfaces, but vinegar and bleach are just as effective.

Dietary Flu Recovery

1. Honey and Lime – this is as effective as any commercial, chemical formula and doesn’t cause palpitations, drowsiness or ‘bad feeling’. Add honey and as much lime as you can tolerate to warm water.
2. Ginger tea – it relieves pain, helps to heal  sore throats and encourages rest. Steep crushed ginger in boiling water, strain and enjoy without sugar; honey will do if you need a sweetener.
3. Chicken Soup, heavy on the garlic.
4. Fresh garlic as a natural antibiotic that won’t harm your immune system in the long run.


Keep safe and healthy. Arrivederci.

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  1. Posted October 5, 2011 at 6:16 AM | Permalink

    Good, sound advice. Thank you.

    I have a remedy, also from rural Jamaica.
    Boil for ten minutes, then bring to the simmer, a mixture of crushed garlic, finely cut onion and fresh thyme. Drink whilst hot…as hot as you can bear it…and then go to sleep, early. Tastes like saltless soup if you close your eyes!

    The importance of sleep recovery cannot be overstated.

    I like also to vapourize tea tree and lavender oil in my sleeping space. One can also burn camphor, though too strong for young ones.
    Frankincense may be good for lots of coughing and the listlessness that may accompany infection.
    Tea tree gargles may also stop an infection in its early stages.

    Nature Blessings to all!

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