Extra Virgin

On Monday, I woke up to over 900 new emails that indicated listings have been added to my online directory. I was filled with wonder at this strange happening, as in the average week I get no more than 4 new entries. Needless to say, this was an onslaught of SPAM and all but one of the first 12 listings were advertising a fake hymen prosthesis.

So, I was curious and googled this artificial hymen thingie. “Kiss your dark secret goodbye in 5 minutes for only $29.95.” “Marry in confidence – your secret is kept.” “In a few moans and groans you will pass through undetectable.” Oh. My. Gosh!

Self-acceptance is a journey that takes different turns on a more or less long and winding road for each individual. I understand that we all have aspects of ourselves with which we are uncomfortable, but it is so dreadful that the main purpose of this ‘prosthesis’ is to deceive another person. So heartbreaking that former sexual experiences are described as one’s “dark past” and need to be hidden. So ridiculous that the marketers of this Chinese hymen explicitly state that one must “place it inside the vagina”, then caution that “this product is for external use only”.

I was born with a vagina. For almost all of my teenage life, I regretted this fact and considered my femaleness [and the not-so-pleasant frills that came along with it] a curse. Exposure to the experiences of other women, though, has caused me to become more grateful for my circumstances. I’ve also had many opportunities for heightened awareness and experienced positive sharing environments, which have made me more embracing of my womanhood, despite societal conditioning.

My vagina is a symbol of strength and potential, it is beautiful, capable, delicate, and most importantly, it is mine. I accept my vagina as I accept my black skin, wooly hair, chipped tooth and quirky family. Perhaps someday I will learn otherwise but at this point in my life deceit has no benefit to my happiness, ecstasy or memory.

Regret will always be present in humans and as far as I know our experiences cannot truly be undone. If your virginity is among the things you wish to take back, I am very sorry for you. I will not try to convince you of my ideals but I encourage you to live your life in a manner that satisfies your own conditions. I understand that in many cultures this hymen on wedding night [or lack thereof] is a serious matter, but my stance does not change- be honest with yourself, your partner and your vagina.

Walk good, and in the words of RHCP, “I love all of you.”

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  1. Posted February 9, 2012 at 7:26 PM | Permalink

    This is a variant on a very old business that’s been going on for a long time. It serves, primarily, to satisfy the vanity of certain men who want to be assured that their wives are virgins. That, consequently, any children they have will be theirs. I,somehow,don’t expect that many men in Jamaica would fall into the category of those who’d expect that wives would come virgin to the wedding bed.

  2. Nick-O Smith
    Posted February 10, 2012 at 12:36 PM | Permalink

    “I accept my vagina as I accept my black skin, wooly hair, chipped tooth and quirky family. ” …….. It’s definitely too early for me to be laughing like this…..lol… I was never aware of this product on the market! But, this is just a twist put on many customs in Jamaica that females can use many products to give them back the ‘glue’ … if this product works it is therefore used to deceive others but maybe many females have run their ‘body’ to ruins by their myriad of sexual encounter that has caused it to become not so tight….Guess VIRGIN is a Brand again…..

    BTW; are you saying you wont post it on your site??? Moral vs money??

  3. @SmittyRoyal
    Posted July 27, 2012 at 11:29 AM | Permalink

    I am always reading your posts Karee, and love all of them. You always have interesting things blogging about. The good thing as another has already commented on re this post is that this isn’t a Jamaican phenomena and not one that is likely to be supported here. We seldom like virgin wives, and more men are preferring the more sexually experienced and liberated woman that will come with spice to the bedroom. Of course we want to teach her tricks and also have her so us ones she likes, a mutual thing. Plus, for all the men that have been with virgins, its always been a one time thing. Never a thing you want to go back to, sex with virgins is difficulty…and we lack that patience. :-) LOL!!!

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