International Coastal Cleanup Day

Cleanup 3 300x225 International Coastal Cleanup DayToday I participated in the 27th annual International Coastal Cleanup at Welcome Beach where Salt River in Clarendon meets the Caribbean Sea. I was proud to see the remarkable turnout of volunteers from Clarendon’s schools, social clubs and corporate entities1. It was a very useful exercise because apart from cleansing the coast of assorted debris, we counted and categorized each item lifted from the beach. Severely necessary information- not just for seeing how well we have been doing with keeping waterways clean but also to ideate solutions for minimizing the impact of trash on marine environments.

The sea always manages to energize and motivate me; it seems to connect my subconscious with friends across the waters of past, present and future generations2 . I trust that all of you, my friends, realize the impact oceans have on us and the impact we have on them and that we will continue to drive efforts to ensure that the water planet3 remains healthy, wealthy and strong, not just for the here and now but for our children through whom we will live in future generations.

Sea you soon,


Oh, I am wielding my camera again so here are some photos for your enjoyment.

  1. even the not-so-well-loved JPS was there []
  2. Big up my kindred spirit in Juan les Pins! []
  3. the Earth is 71% water. Imagine that! []
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  1. saske
    Posted September 16, 2012 at 10:30 AM | Permalink

    welcome back. keep it up

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