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On, there are 28 different definitions for ‘love’; many of which are too abstract to even be recognized as a definition. I do not doubt that if I were to ask 100 random persons, I’d end up with 28 or more to add to that list. I do not claim to understand love and I can only hope that the meaning of such a broadly [ab]used and confounded emotion will someday be fully revealed to me.



The following are a dozen of of my current thoughts on love. The tides of tomorrow may wash some of these away and bring others to light:-

  1. Chances are, if you think you fully understand and can eloquently articulate it, it is other than love. (think Leo Sayer’s More Than I Can Say)
  2. Love is primal i.e. You were born/created/stork-delivered loving, but your capacity for it improves over time, with nurturing.
  3. Love cannot exist outside of you. The love you feel from someone else can only be possible because of the love within you; it is abundant and eternal.
  4. Showing and feeling love is as beneficial for yourself as it is for another person. In fact, sometimes others do not always respond to your love but if you stop, you hurt yourself.
  5. Sex is a most beautiful element of life, but it exists outside of love.
  6. Love transcends sex. (beautifully expressed in Regina Belle’s After the Love has Lost its Shine)
  7. When sex and love meet, it’s probably magic.
  8. There are other types of attraction than love.
  9. Love at first sight exists, but it is better with experience.
  10. Love is not selfish nor limited, it does not desire to be confined to one person, or classification of persons.
  11. A heightened level of sensibility, naiveté or both comes with love.
  12. Verbally affirming your love for someone is as important as showing it through actions but actions always win.
  13. Experiences in life can smear love and make you stop believing in your capacity for it, you have to feel beyond them.

What does love mean to you? Feel free to share your original or borrowed thoughts in the comments.

Keep on loving til next time.

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  1. Posted April 9, 2012 at 3:29 AM | Permalink

    Love is a difficult thing. To come it needs spontaneity. To endure it needs work. It’s great when you have it. It’s a shame when you miss out on it.

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