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Do you know what your meat is?

Article contributed by A.L (@AOneGong). The opinions expressed herein may not be those of Karee, the author of Negril Stories. I love a beautifully orchestrated entrĂ©e of beef or chicken, so willingly have I accepted my calling as an omnivore; I salivate at the thought of sushi and I gladly entertain the occasional indulgence in […]

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Bus Fear and Digital Literacy

I am not a Grammar Nazi but the more I read text messages and tweets from certain people, the more I want to get rid of all the electronic devices around me and force my nieces and nephews to grow up in a world where verbal truncation is not an acceptable way of life. I […]

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All Rights Reserved, Many Exercised

Exactly two months ago, I shared a bit of writing entitled Jamaican Grief Porn and John-Crow Journalism. I would like to thank you all for the positive feedback and shares; this piece is among the most popular to date on Negril Stories. A few days later my attention was drawn to a letter published in […]

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