Trench Town Golden Age Home Needs your Help

I am very proud of my friend and fellow traveler Marianna who has taken up the cause of Jamaica’s elderly and homeless. She is trying to raise funds to help with improving the living conditions of 7-10 elderly, homeless people who take refuge at the Trench Town Golden Age Home.  Marianna visited the home last month and was motivated to do all she could to help with the well-intentioned project  that just needs some support. She started a page on GoFundMe to facilitate contributions from anyone across the world with a desire to support the home.

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Rudolf, a resident of Trench Town Golden Age Home sports a Reggae Boyz1 shirt

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Carvet, A resident of Trech Town’s golden age home

“I was profoundly impacted by what I saw and I fervently believe that the Golden Age Home deserves further support. To explain my sentiment in the most straightforward manner: my visit made me wonder what would had happened to the residents if they were not brought to the Golden Age Home? What would had happened to this small group of seniors, at their old age and in their tremendously fragile, quasi-helpless, state? It made me think of the elderly I know in my personal life, and how unjust it is to abandon them in such a manner. This feeling left me fueled with both compassion and anger, and wanting to find further ways to help: namely the possibility to polish up the place, especially the residents’ rooms.
Money received will go towards repainting walls, acquiring new beds, renovating bathrooms, and improving the overall infrastructure. I will be coordinating with locals to make this all happen so that a renewed, enhanced Golden Age Home may continue to provide support for the elderly.”  – Marianna

Read more about Marianna’s experience in Trench Town and give what you can here…

tumblr mpske4f91b1sa2kuwo3 1280 Trench Town Golden Age Home Needs your Help

Derby and Dotti are in charge of the home.

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