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Article contributed by Georgia (@CindysDaughter). The opinions expressed herein may not be those of Karee, the author of Negril Stories. Last week, I was sitting in a little country restaurant with a few colleagues.  Our police force, their tactics and  “police brutality” came up.  As is often the case when the topic of the JCF […]

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All Rights Reserved, Many Exercised

Exactly two months ago, I shared a bit of writing entitled Jamaican Grief Porn and John-Crow Journalism. I would like to thank you all for the positive feedback and shares; this piece is among the most popular to date on Negril Stories. A few days later my attention was drawn to a letter published in […]

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Of Songs and Savings

Of Songs… Last Friday when I first listened to the official song of #Jamaica50, I was completely disappointed with the production, more so with the mega fanfare surrounding an [in my opinion] incoherent and incongruous tune that I decided was not worthy of being used for such an important occasion in the history of my […]

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The Strangest Things About Jamaica

My island home is turning 50 this year. Well, everybody knows better than to believe so, as Xaymaca1 has been around longer than all of us, but we became independent of British rule on the 6th of August in 1962. Many Jamaicans are proud of this fact but some believe things would have been better, […]

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Mothering and The Bane of Four Vaginas

Happy Belated Mother’s Day. It is a beautiful thing that there is a day just to appreciate motherhood – being a mother by biological or other means. I greatly respect the impact numerous matriarchs have made on my life, whether they have led by good or questionable example. Since Dr. Sandra Knight’s tale was published […]

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Merry Xmas, everybody! Today on twitter, a surprising number of persons spoke out against the use of Xmas as a short form of Christmas. They were wondering why ‘X’. Some felt it was morally wrong because the ‘X’ indicates that Christ(supposedly the true meaning of the ‘season’) was being crossed out. Wouldn’t the ‘X’, then, […]

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… and I love you, Jamaica.

Dear Jamaica, Sorry to say so on a day of such grand jubilation, but I think our main developmental challenge lies within the fact that we are too independent (or believe we are) of each other. It grieves me that we do not all seem willing to understand or accept our fellow countrymen’s differences of […]

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